"We agreed to try counselling but we both new the marriage was over. It was great that we were able to walk through the process with someone who was very knowlegdable, fair and  concerned." L.J. - Divorced Mom

  "Chris helped our  church to see ourselves as others see us, and that was not a pretty sight.  We are well on our way to changing that perception and  our church feels alive again". 

 S. T., Senior Pastor

"This has been the hardest time of my life. Thank you for helping me to aid my children through the divorce and see a light at the end of this long tunnel ".  

R. D.-Divorced Dad

"Your skills, intuition, and velvet fist managed us beyond my expectations. Your guidance and advice guided us through a very difficult and potentially divisive situation.  You helped us arrive at a consensus which, I think, we can all support."
 H.K., Senior Church Leader

"We asked Chris to help us  through some "transition issues" at our church .We knew we had problems, but we never thought they were as bad as they are. Chris asked some very difficult questions. We are now recovering from a ten year  350K embezzlement that  we would have never seen if she had not been here." 

B.T., Church Treasurer / Leader

"If it weren't for  Turner Mediation, we would not even be talking to each other. Our kids were the big winners this time. "

M.R and S.R.- divorced parents of three minor children.