New supervised visitation program coming to Galveston and Brazoria Counties

June 15, 2014
A new Supervised Visitation Program has been created to meet the needs of parents in  areas south of Houston.  
Currently parents who are need supervised visitation and /or monitored exchanges with their children must rely on family members , or in some cases the police department ,to provide the services.  
Beginning in June 2014  Galveston County Supervised Visitation Program will be offering these  services to the general public.
The goals are simple: *Provide a safe environment for children, * Provide  the least restrictive  setting for parents to connect  with their children, * Provide professional  supervisors , trained and  monitored, to monitor the visits, and * Porvide every  parent with the support and training to increase their parenting skills.   It is our goal to help families increase communication and bonding among members so that all children can benefit from safe, normalized parent/child interaction. Parent coaching , by  master's level  directors  are aviailable to parents in teh program to help parents achieve the highest level of independent visitation that  is in the child's best interest. It is our goal  for parents to no longer need our services!