"Do-It-Yourself Justice" 
Mediation as an Alternative in Small Claims Cases.

-A client refuses to pay a bill for services rendered.

-A plumber is attacked by a dog as they leave a client’s home.

-A client disputes the quality of services rendered by an attorney.

-Amid overdue medical bills, a patient avoids all communication with a doctor.

- Neighbors feud over property boundaries  and placement of tress .

All of these cases have been settled satisfactorily to both parties through mediation.

With the aid of a neutral mediator parties create their own agreement and justice in their case. The mediator’s role is to provide the environment for safe and productive speech and expression. Given the right environment parties listen to one another, examine options and form a written agreement that addresses their particular needs.

Mediation addresses the needs of parties while creating a cost effective, timely and less adversarial alternative to litigation. Mediation in small claims court provides parties the opportunity to fully tell their story, identify issues and  reach resolution without the stress, or cost of a courtroom appearance.

Parties make decisions that are important and relevant to their situation and  create “do-it yourself” justice results.