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Family Mediation:

Family issues that may  result in court are  painful... emotionally, physically,  and economically.

Mediation can be a first step  towards resolving issues before court involvement or during any point in a legal process.  

Family Cases  that Turner Mediation has been effective in resolving include:


-Child Custody

-Estate Settlements

-Parenting Plans

-Child Protective Services cases

-Domestic Violence cases

-Visitation Agreements

-Parent Reunification Plans

-Grandparent's Rights and Access

 Often through mediation, a case is resolved months ahead of the scheduled court date, saving money and reducing stress.

Through mediation parties can resolve differences without escalating issues as well as address non-legal issues that are important to their family.

As a result  the damage to relationships and reputations is minimized.

Divorce and Child Custody:

Turner Mediation aids families in the division of property, support,  custody , visitation issues and modifications of existing orders..

In divorce cases courtroom battles often increase feelings of loss or hostility and leave long-lasting negative impact on parents and children.

Mediation provides a needed tool to aid parents in making a healthy transition as co-parents in separate households. Research has shown that the single best predictor of how well children "adjust" to their parents' divorce is directly related   to the parents' communication and relationship with one another. 

Divorce Coaching.

"So you think you want a divorce... NOW WHAT?"

Most people are not familiar with  the process of questioning, filing or preparing for a case in the family law courts.

Divorce coaching is not legal advice nor is it therapy .
 Divorce coaching is about educating and empowering parties as they begin to navigate through options and decide whether to divorce, how to divorce and how to create a new beginning without destroying the past.

Child Protective Services Cases:

When  a state agency, such as CPS,  becomes involved with your family members, interactions among the parties  can be very intimidating and overwhelming.

 The policies and rules involved with CPS cases are like no other Family Court Cases.

Turner Mediation has over twenty-five years of experience in negotiating the CPS system, and can aid families and developing a better working relationship among the parties throughout the case.



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