Church Conflict  :

Every family has conflict and church families are no exception. No relationship grows without some painful transition periods. But how do members express disagreement, conflict and concern in the midst of a caring Christian community? 

There is no easy answer.

As a result, oftern small areas of dissatisfaction grow into larger areas of conflict as churches tiptoe around conflict in order to maintain their view of a peaceful environment and avoid  hurting one another.

Utilization of a third party, with an objective perspective, is key in providing an unbiased assessment of the issues as well as a plan for reconciliation  and future growth.



Churches fighting



Turner Mediation offers the following services for churches:

Conflict assessment: standardized assessment and observational reports.
Conflict resolution policy: development and implementation.
Mediation: among parties affected by internal conflict.
Facilitation: reconciliation and ministry review.
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